Enjoy delicious and seasonal salads, wraps, soups, hot plate lunches, fresh baked goods and more! All are house-made, and everything comes from fresh ingredients.


Signature Salads

Green To Go's signature line of salads, permanently on the menu



~ Kale & Quinoa ~
roasted sweet potato, sliced apple, red onion, Dijon vinaigrette

~ The Rainbow ~
carrot, cucumber, peppers, cherry tomato, red onion, mixed greens, sweet onion tomato vinaigrette


~ Asian Salad ~
edamame, purple cabbage, shredded carrots, yellow peppers, cucumbers, black sesame seeds, mixed greens, sesame ginger vinaigrette



~ The Yellow ~
black beans, roasted corn, cheddar cheese, cherry tomato, romaine lettuce, lime-chipotle vinaigrette

~ The Red ~
balsamic roasted beets, goat cheese, dried cherries, walnuts, mixed greens, honey balsamic vinaigrette


~  Barre 3 ~
marinated tuna, cannellini beans, carrots, parmesan cheese, red onion, kale, vegan Caesar vinaigrette



~ Chicken Caesar ~
roasted chicken, parmesan cheese, house-made croutons, romaine lettuce, vegan Caesar vinaigrette

~ The Blue ~
blueberries, bacon, chopped egg, blue cheese, red onion, baby spinach, honey lemon vinaigrette


Signature Wraps

Permanently on the menu


Sides & Extras

Baked goods, snacks and other stuff


Seasonal Soups

One for each day of the week
(Pictured: Vegan Red Beans and Brown Rice)

Summer menus 2019

Below you’ll find the detailed menus for both locations!

400 Summer Menu 2019.png
NAP Summer Menu 2019.png