Lead Staff

Gia DiLeo
Founder & Owner

Robin Mainieri
Creative Director, Communications & Operations

Lindsay Hess
Chef & Manager



Eating the Rainbow

It all started with a craving for a salad. Gia was home with 2 small children, one being almost new-born, when she wanted a salad, a fresh one. The thought of loading up kids and bags and strollers and EVERYTHING just to pick through a grocery store salad bar was unappealing. And, fast-food? Forget it! Having just left her career as a trial attorney, Gia was looking for something new. With a passion for healthful, whole foods, she noticed the lack of availability of it for people who are on-the-go. And with that, Green To Go was born. 

The business began with a bike and 100 salads made in Gia's kitchen. She peddled up and down Magazine street offering salads to shop staff who couldn't get away for lunch. The fledgling business began to grow, and soon the opportunity to rent a small café space at the local Community Center presented itself. 2 years later, Green To Go opened it's first brick-and-mortar in New Orleans, and has now expanded to 2 more locations covering Uptown and the CBD. 

Green To Go has grown from a small, family business into a wonderful part of making our community healthy and happy! We promote and patronize local and small businesses, provide continuing education to New Orleans youth about the importance of eating a colorful variety of whole foods, and we provide fresh, local and organic products to our customers when we can. #EatTheRainbow!!