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September 2015
"Green to Go takes a fresh approach -- by bike"

September 2013

"Vegetable Lover's Paradise"

July 2013
"Midnight Menu +1 – Conversation with Gia DiLeo of Green to Go"

April 2013
"Refrigerator Raid: Gia DiLeo of Green to Go NOLA"

February 2013
"Green to Go: Bringing Fresh, Healthy Options to New Orleans Via Eco-Friendly Transportation"

October 2012

Times Picayune/
"Green to Go Adds a Second Bike, New Route and Takes Over at the JCC"

August 2012
"Green to Go's Big Adventure"

June 2012

"Green To Go: Delivering Meals on Wheels"

May 2012
"Gia DiLeo Wants New Orleans to Eat Its Greens"

April 2012

New Orleans Living Magazine
"Foodie Files"

January 2012
"Fresh, Healthy Food Delivered to Your Door By Mobile Food Company, Green to Go Nola"