About Us

Green To Go is a local, family owned mobile food company. We are dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to fast food, with an emphasis on organic ingredients, procured locally when possible and delivered to you directly via green energy.

We believe that a diet full of color can be both healthy and delicious. So we encourage you to "Eat the Rainbow" by trying all of our signature and seasonal salads. Because being GREEN is not only good for the earth and good for your body it is also good for your budget. It doesn't have to cost a mint to eat GREEN!

Look for us cycling our way through New Orleans and making GREEN possible. Don't hesitate to contact us for your catering and party needs.

When we say we are a family owned business that isn't just a euphemism for "we treat everyone like family" (which we try to). It all started with Gia; a recovering attorney and former vegetarian, who had the initial idea for a salad company. Her sister Stephanie, a surgeon and food lover of epic proportions, was the first investor, collaborator and cheerleader. Next came Conrad, Gia's brother in law and chef. Conrad joined the team a year into their adventure and by virtue of his culinary training and experience in some of the most delicious restaurants in Chicago and New Orleans expanded the business to include soups, wraps and more. Since then we have recruited, cajoled, and bartered food for services from just about every member of our combined families. As you can no doubt imagine some days we want to hug and some days we want to strangle each other but every day we work together to put out great food.

Green To Go prides itself on working with many local businesses.  We feel strongly that for as many of our fruits, vegetables, grains and protein that our sourced in Louisiana it is also important to source from the talented entrepreneurial market that enriches our hometown. We think local in as many ways as possible and we welcome you to click on the links below and do the same.

Alltmont Fine Custom Framing (www.alltmontframing.com)
Barre3 (www.barre3.com)
Bike Easy (bikeeasy.org)
Blair Grocery (schoolatblairgrocery.blogspot.com)
Coco McCall Design (cocomccalldesign.com)
Eat Fit NOLA (facebook.com/eatfitnola)
Girls On The Run (www.gotrnola.org)
Grow Me Somethin (facebook.com/GrowMeSomethin)
N.O. Vative Printing (novativeprinting.com)
Parkway Partners (parkwaypartnersnola.org)
Revelator (revelatorcoffee.com/)
Rouler (roulercycling.com)
Well (wellcompany.com)

Our Locations

400 Poydras @ Magazine
New Orleans, LA

Uptown (JCC)
5324 St. Charles Avenue @ Jefferson
New Orleans, LA